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Roofing Calgary: What is Torch-Roofing

The technical term for torch-roofing is bitumen, which is also known as asphalt roofing. Whether or not you should get this style of roofing will depend on a number of factors. Usually, bitumen works its best on flat roofs because—as the name implies—you’re working with a blowtorch.

More Costly?

The torch down roofing cost will often be more than what you’d pay for traditional roofing. However, when a Calgary roofing company likes this method of roofing, they often like it because of how the longevity of the roof will be a little longer because of better waterproofing. For a flat-roofed or low-sloped roof, you will reinforce the strength of the roofing. Your Calgary roofing company might prefer this method as well because of how it doesn’t have fumes like with the other methods.

Safety Concerns

You must take torch-roofing seriously because safety concerns do exist when you work with flame and structures. In fact, an estimated 35 torch fire roofs happen every year. When you work with fire all day near a building, even the most skilled affordable roofing company can still make an error in judgment. You have to consider if the risk is ultimately worth it.

Insurance Liabilities

When looking at affordable roofing reviews, you should also consider the insurance liabilities as well as the reputation. Some insurance companies already adopt this as an exclusion in their policies because of enough incidents. Not only do you need someone who knows what they’re doing, but you also need them to have insurance that would cover it in the event of an accident.

Torch roofing does have its benefits, but you need the right Calgary roofing company to do it. The affordable roofing company must understand the intricacies of it. In truth, you can probably find other roofs that will last just as long or close to it, and they don’t come with the risk of it.

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