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The 3 Main Effects A Hot Summer Has On Your Roof

Inspections on your home, and especially roof is crucial. Understanding the effects that weather conditions have on your roof will keep you one step ahead to having a safe, clean, and visually appealing home. Here are the three main effects that summer conditions have on your roof. 

The 3 Main Effects A Hot Summer Has On Your Roof

  1. Thermal Sock. 

We may love the temperatures a hot summer invites, although are roof does not. During the warm temperatures in the summer, your roof experiences exceptionally high temperatures in the day and cool off during the evenings. This causes roofing material to expand and contract that results in the structural deterioration of your roof.

The bright side of this is the fact that your roof will only reveal these effects over a period of time. There’s no need to worry about your roof crumbling after one hot summer. This cumulative result gives you time to hire the perfect Calgary roofing company that will fix your roof without the extensive damage that summers may cause over the years. 

      2. Blistering Shingles 

There are several reasons why your shingles may blister. The first reason can be that the moisture gets trapped within the shingles themselves. When your roof heats up during the summer days, the trapped moisture can expand, resulting in blisters. When the roofs blistered shingles pop, granules can become dislodged, creating areas that are not protected by the UV rays of the sun.

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The best way to prevent your shingles from blistering is to make sure you have a consistent inspection on your roof by trusted Calgary roofing companies. Keeping an eye out on your roof allows roof experts to fix any blistering before it drastically harms your roof. Depending on your roof’s structure, the Calgary roofing experts will find the best solutions that will protect your roof for decades of hot summers.

     3. UV Rays 

People use sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun’s powerful UV rays, although there isn’t sunscreen for roofs. Your roof regularly gets exposed to UV rays; this type of exposure dramatically increases during the summer. These rays dry out the materials that your roof is made of, causing your wood to discolour, weaken, & crack. If you don’t treat these issues, your shingles could split and damage the overall durability and appearance of your roof.

Save yourself the additional expenses of continually replacing the materials of your roof by merely keeping an eye out on the conditions of your roof throughout the years. When doing so, you’ll be one step ahead for your roof replacement.

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