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Does Insurance Cover Flat Roofing in Calgary?

The amount of insurance coverage is a common question for those with flat roofing in Calgary. In Alberta, insurance companies may cover the costs of flat roofing repairs or replacements under certain conditions. However, it is important to understand the coverage provided by your specific insurance policy and the guidelines set by the insurance company. See what you need to remember regarding insurance before reaching out to any flat roofing companies in Calgary. 

Determining Insurance Coverage For Flat Roofing in Calgary

Insurance Flat Roofing Calgary

How Damages Play a Role

One of the key factors determining whether an insurance company will cover the costs of flat roofing in Calgary is the cause of the damage. If the damage is caused by an event covered under your policy, such as a storm or fire, the insurance company will likely cover repairs or replacement costs. With how Calgary has been known to have hail storms, it’s best to look into options that can help cover the costs of those damages. However, the insurance company may not cover the costs if the damage is caused by neglect or lack of maintenance.

Age Does Matter

Another important factor is the age of the roof. Insurance companies may not cover repairs or replacement costs for a roof older than a certain age, typically 15-20 years. Why is that? It is because they may consider the roof at the end of its useful life. In turn, it gives them the impression that it requires replacement regardless of the damage.

Reviewing Your Insurance Details 

It is also important to note that insurance companies may have specific guidelines for flat roofing repairs or replacement. For example, they may only cover the costs of repairs if they are made with particular materials or by certain contractors. You must consult with your insurance company to understand what their guidelines are.

Roofing Inspection May Be Required

In addition, insurance companies may require a roof inspection by a professional before covering the costs of repairs or replacement. The inspector will assess the roof’s condition, identify the cause of any damage, and determine whether the damage is covered under your policy.

How Flat Roofing Companies in Calgary Dealing With Insurance 

When you have a roofing company deal with your insurance, you want to ensure it provides various services for you (the homeowner) and the carriers. This way, it ensures insurance inspections are done properly by filling out reports in good detail.  

Typically, you can expect this out of an inspection:

  • Take photos of the dwelling, usually 50. Images include sites of damage and sites of no damage.
  • Provide 10’x10 ′ test squares from each direction of the residence and mark any damage within the square.
  • Take & record all the measurements of the roof, siding, eavestrough, fascia, soffit, windows & doors
  • Using our scope sheets to provide a hand-drawn sketch of the dwelling, including measurements and damage sites.
  • Record other underlying concerns: missing steps, worksite hazards, etc.

Whether insurance companies in Alberta can cover the costs of flat roofing repairs or replacement depends on several factors, including the damage’s cause, the roof’s age, and the insurance company’s guidelines. It is important to understand the coverage provided by your specific insurance policy and to consult with your insurance company to understand their guidelines. It is always recommended to perform regular maintenance on your flat roof and document the roof’s condition to ensure that the insurance company will cover the costs in case of any damage.

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