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How To Protect Your Roof After Winter

The winter can be very hard on your roof. Snow and ice are heavy, and the constant freezing and melting can lead to ice dams and other roof damage. This is all made more complicated by the fact that roof maintenance is challenging in the winter. Therefore, most people have to put off their issues with roofing in Calgary until the after winter has dissipated. Here are the first things you should do for your roof when the winter finally ends.

Address Any Problem Areas As The Winter Thaws

In some cases, you may be aware of potential issues. During the winter, you may notice leaks in your gutters or water accumulation in your eaves. You could spot damage to the shingles or flashing. While it is essential to wait until your roofing in Calgary is safe before addressing these issues, once the thaw hits, you need to get right on them. These issues can lead to severe problems with your roof over time. Get the necessary areas repaired, and make sure that all work is completed to prevent future problems.

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Clean Your Gutters After The Winter Snow And Ice

Your roofing is about more than shingles. Your gutters are also essential. Gutters control the flow of water off your roof and direct it away from your home. However, in the winter, your gutters will take a beating. This is because snow and ice accumulate on your roof. This can easily block your gutters. When this happens, the melting snow has nowhere to go. This can cause the water to sit in pools on your roof. It can even cause the water to seep beneath your shingles and leak into your home. Therefore, as soon as you are able, clean your gutters. This should be a high priority task once the winter has ended.

Get A Routine Checkup For Your Roofing In Calgary

There are some roofing issues that you will not be able to see. Therefore, make sure you get a routine roof inspection when the winter is over. When you have a professional look over your roof, you can be sure that there is no hidden damage from the winter weather. Moreover, your roof will need to be in prime condition to hold up under the rain and wind that can occur in the spring and summer throughout Calgary.

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