Many construction professionals maintain that the roof is a residential or commercial property’s most critical external feature. This component shields residents and patrons from wet and icy weather events, temperature extremes, and air pollutants.

A company performing roof replacement in Calgary maintains that a roof’s health is often paramount to the well-being of the construction it covers and the individuals living or working inside said location.

Poorly-maintained or aging roofs could precipitate a host of noteworthy problems, such as severe property damage caused by water leaks, excessively high energy bills, and illnesses resulting from allergens and other air contaminants.

Additionally, residences and buildings with damaged roofs often look old and dilapidated, are difficult to sell, and typically sell for far less than its owners desire.

How Often Does A Roof Require Replacement in Calgary?

Most materials employed to build roofs are strong and capable of withstanding relatively harsh conditions over extended durations. In many instances, a properly-constructed, well-maintained roof could remain in optimal condition for several decades and, in certain instances, much longer.

That said, establishing a definitive replacement timeframe often proves challenging. Quality construction and routine maintenance schedules are important factors. However, other variables play into a roof’s longevity including climate, exposure to harsh weather, and air quality.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement in Calgary 

The key to knowing when to invest in a roof replacement in Calgary is demonstrating consistent vigilance and continually looking out for potential troubling indications including:

Visible Roof Damage

The most obvious sign of possible roof decay is visible damage. Occurrences, such as broken roof shingles, shingles on the surrounding ground, missing shingles, buckling, unevenness, sagging, rotting, or discoloration should prompt consultation with an experienced roofing company.

worker installing tar foil on the rooftop of building. Flat roof installation. Waterproof system by gas and fire torching.

Interior Leaks

Interior leaks are often caused by roof deterioration. Symptoms of such potentially property-damaging occurrences are stains, wetness, cracks or even the collapse of structures such as ceilings and walls.

Mold Or Mildew Growth

Over time, water can foster the development and growth of hazardous lifeforms like mildew and mold. Occasionally, these growths are visible in attics or any other locations roof leaks can penetrate. However, in many cases, these unwanted products are not visible. That said, a damp, musty odor might indicate their presence.

Increased Energy Expenses

An overlooked but potentially critical roof damage indicator is increased energy costs. Typically, such events occur unexpectedly and are the result of external air entering a home or business through holes or cracks in ailing roofs.

Ergo, homeowners or building managers experiencing unusually high energy bills are implored to contact a reputable roofing contractor as soon as possible.

At City Roofing and Exteriors, we take pride in our work and by serving Calgarians. We work hard to assist our customers in providing proper roofing systems to meet your budget and needs. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, give us a call at (403) 608-9933 or email us at [email protected].

It is hard to deny just how paramount a roof is to a residence’s internal safety and structural integrity. Old or tiring roofs could have significantly adverse health-related and financial impacts upon homeowners.

With homes performing roof repairs in Calgary cautions current and future customers that these circumstances could even exercise a major influence over a home’s insurability. Such an issue could adversely hinder one’s ability to both sell or purchase the dwelling in question.

Age’s Impact On A Roof

As is the case with many other constructions, age is not typically kind to roofs. These external coverings are continually exposed to several notable issues, such as hot and cold temperatures, inclement weather like rain, snow, ice, and wind, bird and animal droppings, environmental debris, and atmospheric pollution.

While most roofing materials are designed to last for many years, time and conditions ultimately weaken its components. Said events could result in negative occurrences, including extensive water damage, increased electricity and fuel costs, expensive repairs, and significantly diminished property aesthetics.

The Relationship Between A Roof’s Age And Insurance

There are certain policy providers who either refuse to ensure roofs over a certain age or charge extremely high premiums when said circumstances apply. Other companies will not grant a homeowner coverage unless the roof in question meets certain structural and safety requirements.

Aerial view of house flat roof on residental building. Modern architecture exterior. Air conditioning systems and ventilation structure. Residental building in background, sunny day.

Specific providers might not even cover replacement for aged roofs but only offer cash value for the structure’s appraised worth at a given age.

Steps Impacted Homeowners Can Take

Insurance industry professionals caution those interested in selling or purchasing homes with older roofs to display added vigilance.

Prospective sellers are implored to pay close attention to potential roof problems and quickly remediate them.

Specific indications of deterioration include visible signs or roof deterioration, water stains or damage to internal structural components like walls and ceilings, confusingly high energy bills, and the growth of potentially harmful lifeforms such as mildew and mold.

Potential purchasers might not be afforded the opportunity to spot such red flags. Therefore, said subjects are enthusiastically urged to retain the services of home inspectors and establishments executing roof repairs in Calgary before getting serious.

At City Roofing and Exteriors, we take pride in our work and by serving Calgarians. We work hard to assist our customers in providing proper roofing systems to meet your budget and needs. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, give us a call at (403) 608-9933 or email us at [email protected].